Thursday, January 10, 2013

What was your one of the most embarrassing things ever?

Another Friday, another FTSF.

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“One of the most embarrassing things I ever did was…”

Go door to door asking for a sanitary napkin for a friend.

This takes me back to the time when we had just entered teens and were unprepared most of time for our chums to come visit us each month. Call it miscalculation of converting 28 days to 30 day or 31 days.

My friend had an Oopsie moment, and I was living in India at that time. It was evening time, and are parents were not home, thus the house was locked. We had no cash in our hand. What to do?

We used to live in a gated community thus, thought of going door to door and asking for protection for my friend.

Question was how to start a conversation with someone we don't know

We went in a group. I was supposed to do the talking since my friend was quite embarrassed already.

Rung the bell of one apartment. It was answered by a male. He seemed to be in his late teens. I asked him about his mom.  He was confused since we did not know him. However, called out to his mom, and continued to stand there since we were foreigners to them.

I asked her mom to come outside so that the boy does not listen. But, he kept accompanying her with the thought of protecting her, I guess.

I started my babbling, "Hello Aunty. How are you?" I tried to be friendly. But, she was confused. She had a ladle in her hand, which indicated that she was in the middle of cooking and wanted me to come to the point.

I realized from her body language. My friend was holding my arm. I squeezed her hand to release my tension, and continued, "Aunty, would you happen to have an extra napkin?"

She looked back at her son, and asked him to get a napkin from the kitchen. Her son steps in, and she turns around to go inside. I stop her. The darn son hears that and comes back outside. I had no choice but to pretend he is invisible, and I continued"No, that kind of napkin. Can we get one sanitary napkin?" I did not want to embarrass my friend by pointing a finger at her. Thus, just stood there for the lady's reaction.

The lady was quick to understand and was extremely courteous. She nodded and went in.

Her son just stood there and was giving us quirky smiles. We pretended not to respond to them. The lady got one sanitary napkin in a bag and handed it to us. My friend took it from her, and we thanked her and scooted off.

As the years rolled by, the boy recognized me as THE girl who came by asking for "that" thing.
It sure did embarrass me for a lot of years, but now as I look back, would define it as BOLD :)

Mantra for today: Good actions can never go wrong.
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