Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ways to feed the Mind, Body, and Soul

A human consists of a body and his soul. However, we spend most of our time appreciating our body and darned little time is spent on the soul, which actually is the prime gadget of our existence on this planet.

Since Time is money for most of us. Below are some ways we could nourish our body and soul at the same time.

  • Have sound relationships. Exit from relationships that are violent or abusive. Hoping that things will improve, is not gonna help. The nagging and shouting is hurting your mind, body and soul. Thus, End it.

  • Check what you ingest. Keeping a tab on what goes inside your body will take you miles with regards to your health. If health is good, mind and soul is happy. Awareness towards it will lead to happiness.

  • Nature walks. This uplifts your spirits and gives you an extra gush of oxygen to all the organs and the areas that are deprived of blood or are in pain. This will help you get a grip on all your emotions and give you ideas on how to tackle it. Result is that the mind and soul is relaxed which will give a healthy body.

  • Massages. These are helpful for the body and soul. Do not need to go to a professional. Use your own hands and massage that bruised area or the part that is giving signals of pain. Will see the difference!

Mantra for today: Take charge of yourself. This is your mind, body and soul.
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