Saturday, January 12, 2013

Letter to God

Dear God,

I am overwhelmed with the ugly news I hear every day. Either someone on this planet is getting hurt physically or emotionally. I hear police sirens most of the times in the day, and I pray for the safety of all harmless creatures.

You created Man as the smartest being on Earth, and this human being is the enemy of another human.

My heart is going out to them, and I pray that Man becomes aware of all his actions. He makes a conscious effort to change or else we all will be in the doom's day real soon.

Fear has already evolved amongst many. This is the start of a fire towards devastation.

Lord, Please guide us, and help us become more aware of our actions, and let peace flow in our hearts and throughout all of humanity and our planet.

While, I shall continue to ask him to bring us all home safe and sound; emotionally and physically fit.


Mantra for today: Each day is magnificent. Treasure it!
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