Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Recent School Shootings and change in their policies

Lately, with so many shootings happening around the United States of America that I had to face quite a turmoil with a sick kid.

My kid has been home since Sunday with viral.  Late afternoon he felt better, so I pinged the teacher if I could come by to pick up his homework. I drive by the usual gate and try to walk myself past in. But the gate was locked. I tried the other gate, and that was locked too. 


"Security reasons," said the Guard.

"Okay, but I need to get across to Room 18 and  pick up my kid's homework." I said understandably.

"Sure, you can. But come around the time of departure." Replied the Guard who wanted to abide by the rules of the school.

"But, that does not make sense." I argued.

The guard stuck to his side of the story, and after many failed attempts at my conversation. I left.

My 2 cents

Sure, security is crucial, and I do not deny that. But, a common man is facing the consequences of all these changes and gets affected by it the most.

Home schooling children would be a better choice, but then parents need to plan the curriculum and that take in quite a bit of effort.

For now, I could either agitate about it or try to make a change by being a change myself.

Mantra for today: Security is crucial, but at times it becomes an inconvenience.

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