Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Being Popular versus a Common Man

Every man desires to be popular.


It is a known fact that life would be easy sleazy for the person who is popular, and the normal struggles a man encounters would be teeny weeny less. It is also known that once a person is popular the ladder to success keeps getting shorter and shorter, and success knows no boundaries. However, this popular man would be having sleepless nights since his each and every action would be recorded and re-winded by a common man.

Its like earning your first million dollars then the dollars just keep multiplying without any effort.

Boy, popularity sure has its advantages, huh!

Common man is trudging along the street while facing each hardship that comes his way, and trying to come up with solutions.
Even the Almighty would feel sorry for this common man. Such is the plight!
However, he is a happy go lucky creature, and does not really care even if he has a proper shirt on his body.

But ever wonder why only a handful of people get popular, and not all despite their hard work?
It is because the common man is the precursor for the popular man.
The common man is the person who lifts up a man to popularity. He is also the man who could bring a popular man down by his deeds or actions.


Even if, being popular means success, and power.
A common man is the person who actually has powers to make a man popular.

What would you prefer to be?

Mantra for today: Accepting your current situation gives you peace of mind.
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