Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is Worry a Choice?

Our mind is so vulnerable that it wanders miles while the body is seated.

This mind is susceptible to negative thoughts.
Getting tensed over big or small things will not help us come to a solution.


Because man fears failure and does not want to fall when his community is walking. This fear of failure always concerns him and he is constantly anxious over petty things, that he forgets to live in the present. There are times that man does not realize what is worrying him, he just keeps lamenting that, "he is very tensed"

when asked, "what are you tensed about?"

"I don't know" comes the reply.

How do we make worry a choice?

Awareness is the key to be liberated from tensions in our life.

Next time, you are thinking about something, you will notice your heart is pumping extraordinarily fast.

Realize it.

Then analzyse your problem.

Thinking about the problem will definately give you a solution to it. Man is an intelligent soul and he will either come up with an answer to his problem or will hang it on in his closet and wait up till time comes.

Do not carry this tension with you. You have a choice to either solve it now or later. Why carry this extra burden on your shoulders and then complain of aches and pains.

Mantra for today:Be conscious of your thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

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