Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Are you a Rocking Parent?

Becoming a parent changes everything and it is difficult to put your kids priorities first especially if your schedule is so hectic, but mostly all parents sacrifice their career and make choices be with their kids.

So, are you a rocking parent?

It depends how we define rocking...some kids want their parents to be cool and supply them with the latest toys and gadgets, and thus the term cool and some kids prefer their parents to be there for them at every step of the way.

Such innocent children and how do they come up with their demands? Ever wonder?

It's what they learn and see in their surroundings such as home and community. Thus, making it extremely necessary to watch over them on what they are exposed to.

They absorb whatever is thrown at them and how they perceive their parents is dependent on it.

My kid's rocking definition changed every few years. Earlier, we were defined as rocking for being there for him all the time, then it changed when we started taking him to places that he had never been to such as museum, amusement parks. Rocking these days is when we indulge in his kinda activities such as running, playing baseball.

Next time, when you sit with your kids...ask them their definition of what makes you a rocking parent and you will be surprised at their thoughts.

Mantra for today: never under-estimate your toddler. They are always full of surprises.
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