Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How do things go Viral?

Let's say:

You visit a new place, and the guide tells you about a restaurant that has five stars and celebrities visit it often. You would be elated at the thought and would like to go and taste their cuisine.

If your pocket allows, you will enter the restaurant, and most of us will go "Wow" at every step of the way. Many of us will see things which our brain processes into thoughts and our body language will express it as "Wow"

How does that happen?

Our brain is a physical and a mechanical instrument, and the cells in it are harmless molecules that divide and thrive. Our brain is not creative nor does it have any skills. It is a just a bunch of molecules, which divide and their sustainability and well being depends on how we perceive things. But since you have that notion that this is a five star place and a famous place, the chemicals such as dopamine are being secreted by your mind, which helps you accentuate the place even further.

This gets the ball rolling!

Videos get viral example Gangnam style video, which is so popular these days that the whole planet is dancing as if sitting on a horse.

When I first saw that video, it was like a "okay" comment for me. But, then where-ever I go, I hear this music and I have started dancing like those people.

Things go viral by peer pressure, and our good hormones get secreted by the mind, which helps us classify between things.

Such is the impact of our human society. No wonder, we are known as Social Animals.

Mantra for Today: Man is a Social Animal
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