Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Test of Patience

Being a mom is Eternal and Divine.

However, when there is a to-do list to take care of and your kid is home 'cause he is sick; it requires this mom to take a lot of practice and reminders to be good and patient with her kid.

Just as I would sit down to read Julie's Wanted: A Memoir; my son would have a question for me and my answer could not be a simple yes or a no. I had to specify why and how.
Then, I would lose track of what I was doing and start something new.

Distraction was at every step of the way, but to force myself to be patient made me very bitter for everything.

End Result: Everything that I wanted to accomplish; was half way done

However, the sweet ending was that my kid is doing much better and has resumed school today. I look fwd to some productive and creative time.

As the learned say: Patience is a virtue.
But, not all can achieve it.
I still gotta row my boat towards it.

Mantra for today: Wait and Hope
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