Monday, October 22, 2012

Each Day is Significant

Man usually lives for the weekend 'cause that is the time when he actually puts up his feet and thinks like an intelligent person (which he is) and gets "work" done besides partying and socializing. I think we are most productive starting Friday evening to Sunday noon.


'cause we are not under pressure of any sorts and we feel those days are mine and we can do anything.

Monday, I usually suffer the Monday Blues of maybe working so hard over the weekend and I get the hangover. Tuesday to Thursday I work to meet deadlines but, am not happy from inside. I work 'cause I have been told to and then comes Friday when I wanna break those shackles and think outside my horizon and voila I am so productive and creative that I usually tend to admire my abilities.

I keep reiterating myself that each day is significant 'cause if I just work or live for the weekends then I will not be able to contribute much to the planet and man kind.

We are born today and tomorrow we have to leave. So, let's time ourselves efficiently and get work done during the weekdays as well. Sulking and lamenting will not help and we will not achieve anything except mood swings.

Mantra for today: Each day is significant and let's make something out of it.

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