Saturday, March 7, 2020

Our Night

"Clarice! are you ready?" inquired Dad as he stepped into the house after a grueling day at work.


He was quick to walk towards her and find his preteen daughter lazing on the couch with a partially opened book on her chest.

"What happened? I thought you were keen to go to this concert?" 

"My friends refuse to come. I'm not the popular girl whose likes are supported by friends," she said in a sulky voice as tears dripped down her chubby cheeks. 

There was a brief pause. 

Then Dad proposed, "How about we make it OUR night." 

Write a story about Clarice. She can be any Clarice real, historical, or imagined. What story does she have for you to tell? Go where she may lead!


Violet Lentz said...

I had a 'date' with my stepfather once and I will never forget it. I hope Clarice's experience is equally as memorable...

Sunday Reflections or Stumbling Towards Happiness by Bill Holland said...

Sounds like a perfect solution to me. What a great dad!

CharliMills said...

That's a thoughtful Dad, and Clarice is far better off with a caring parent than fickle friends.