Tuesday, February 25, 2020

TOUCHEYS CUBE - Your Multi-Textured Way to Mindfulness

One Cube - Six Unique Elements! Touch, relax, focus, relieve stress and anxiety, meditate or simply fidget. Give it a Touch!


Sometimes we all need a way to slow downrelax and focus, reduce stress and anxiety. Our Toucheys Cube helps with that by engaging with our sense of Touch.   
All the different textures provide an ultimately satisfying experience to palm and fidget with, but also with Toucheys Cube you can practice Mindfulness using what we call the Texture Flow. Feel the differences and changes in the textures which engages our attention and focus, calms and relaxes. 
Using objects for Meditation is an ancient trick, so what is our twist? Toucheys Cube features Six unique elements - handmade, natural and contrasting textures, which fit into just one small cube.  
Toucheys Cube is safe and lots of fun for kids. It can be used both as natural tactile development toy and for kids meditation routines!


 Last but not the least, Toucheys Cube is an amazing gift for someone, who might be interested in mindfulness or your kid.