Thursday, August 4, 2016


In our Hindu culture, when it comes to receiving blessings we believe in folding our hands or touching the elders' feet. It is known to impart the necessary benediction for one's progress and welfare.

As a teen, I would always jeer at this tradition cause that was the age when raging hormones were being produced in plenty. It gave rise to my confidence thanks to the ego that lay beneath it. Life was an adventure in every nook. It was fearless, conquerable although that would raise the eyebrows of my parents who maybe knew where this would end thus, would either stay quiet or say an extra prayer for me.

Meeting Indian elders' was not a mere Hello but either folding hands and doing a namaste or touching their feet. The latter I did not believe in, so opted for the former. I do admit there were times I would just mumble the word beneath my breath and barge into their homes.

Anyways, fast forward.

Time flew, and I realized the importance of good wishes. Maybe the failure to reach my goals made me want to crave for it. Maybe I had reached my potential and needed a push from there after. Maybe the desire to touch the sky and be limitless wanted me to secretly have that super-pill that was actually very easy if I could only discard my ego and be ready to either touch the feet of elders or do a mere namaste with my hands locked.

Patience is more than a virtue since I realized being humble is another quality that can make you walk that extra mile. Anyways, I went ahead and embraced both. I admit I have not touched the sky or reached where I want to in this lifetime, but the happiness, the satisfaction, the contentment I receive when I receive a nod and hand over my head or shoulder. The energy is just mind blowing. It rejuvenates me and fills me up with positivity to go ahead with my day.

Attaching the Science behind the Namaste and the Touching of feet.

Mantra for today: It takes a lot of courage to push that ego aside. 


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. The sentence is “When it comes to blessings…” and it’s an extra-special week because we’re linking up with the Blessings Month with Tuesday Ten and #1000Speaks for Compassion. Write about “When it comes to blessings…” or Ten Ways I can bless people… or Ten Ways I am Blessed…

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