Monday, July 25, 2016

The Circle of Life

Adam and Eve were the first man and woman according to the creation myths, and that was the seed of the broad population we have today.

Nature has designed a baby to be born from the union of two adults, thus making sure he is surrounded by family.

Alas! Not all are fortunate to be brought up in a cozy scenario. Circumstances are one such issue that comes forward.

Although the man is surrounded by his fellow men yet he feels alone and depressed.

He could attribute to the surroundings, the circumstances that he is breathing in...the survival of the fittest mantra when the competition reaches out to the neck, that makes an individual feel suffocated, that could either choke himself out, or he has the survival instincts and grabs an oxygen mask to be able to fight it out!

We all have been in that situation.
What breed are you?

“One love, one heart, one destiny.” 
― Bob Marley

The present world is full of suffering and injustice, and every soul goes through hardships, thus making them shine like a diamond in the end.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” 
― Plato

When each of us reflects on our lives spent so far, our eyes will get moist over some individuals who held our hands when our legs were shaky to walk even a single step; our tongues were stirring out of nervousness, our hands were trembling and sweaty due to anxiety and fear. There were some people and sometimes too many individuals who came in our lives who gave us the confidence to walk that extra step, to understand what was on our mind, to hold our hands steady, and provide us with the boost to come out of that situation, and today as we stand surrounded by the lush green of success or happiness we can feel the effect of compassion. The empathy of another human to understand us especially when we were in a plight, and he extended a lending hand. This hand not only comprised of physical support, but it also dressed up our spirits emotionally and subjectively.

Today, as I stand at the junction of my life where I have breathed in 40+ years of my life, I stand in gratitude for all my teachers, friends, family, neighbors, strangers who helped in the oddest of way, by either lending me a helping hand, or speaking a kind word or two, or just stretching those muscles around their lips by giving out a gentle smile. This gave me the jump start and helped ignite the engine within to keep moving in the direction of my goal. 

Thus, making me believe in this great attribute as it created ripples in my life. I intend to pass the baton of compassion, empathy, tenderness, and kindness around so that I can complete the circle of life, with the satisfaction to touch "n" number of lives.

Compassion is essential, and it is all about giving what you have received so far. It is also a reminder to stay grounded since we all will wear the shoes of sorrow in our lifetime.

The source for morality is within us. We can either just follow our peers who are annoyed with the system of life or we could choose to make our own!

Mantra for today: Showing tolerance, and compassion towards the suffering helps to tap your inner self, which in return is a boon to your existence.


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