Thursday, July 14, 2016

This summer.....

When we ushered 2016, I was as usual overwhelmed and could not imagine any seasons yet until the month of May arrived and school's signaled for a brief shutdown so that their teachers could get some rejuvenating time while we keep our kids at home and 'bond' with them.

Summer has arrived, I shouted in glee and anticipation.
Glee cause as the teachers said, 'time for bonding with your children' and anticipation since have to think of ideas to do that!

Ideas to keep a teen happy, content, active.
Thoughts anyone?

I was going berserk over it. So anxious was I that did not think twice of any germs lurching around me, and behold! The bug bit me, and I was bed-ridden for a few days.
To my utter surprise, my teen behaved and helped me through it. He served me mac n cheese, PB n J  sandwiches with lots of herbal tea at my beck n call.

When I recovered, we visited his grandparents aka my parents' thousands of miles away. It's always riveting to listen to his thoughts about the lifestyle of India and the people in it. Thought provoking too since it brings a different dimension especially since I was brought up with those latter ideals.

Came back home, and as I was browsing through various links to register him for some classes that will keep him occupied and entertained enough to keep him away from video games and tech gadgets, I was amazed by his selections.

My son is growing up, and I admire his choices.

I admit there were instances I lost my cool over issues that were just not reasonable, but then that's what a mom is about...
"Immense love that is unconditional but then her temper is another matter entirely!"

However, I am learning to give him space while choosing which battles to fight.


While he was away getting acquainted with new sports and new faces;  I collaborated with a friend who is an art instructor and we got busy with an ArtWrite Camp. Amazing how creativity knows no bounds when art and writing combine. Kids registered churned out bright ideas, and we would all leave on a pleasant note while promising to unite week after week to continue to build on those ideas.

This summer is turning out quite a surprise for me especially since I had no expectations. I was prepared to sweat hard to make it work for my family and myself, but surprisingly it's turning out breathable and yet enjoyable!

Mantra for today: Expectations always lead to disappointment.


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