Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spring Cleaning in the Air

Winter made everything dull, but with spring around the corner, we have lots of cleaning to do. Our lawns need a makeover, so does our house and our wardrobe.

Now is the time when the trees will blossom, and there will be color everywhere. This is the time to rejoice and be happy since there will be luminosity and vibrancy in the surroundings. Spring is the season of growth. We see buds blooming, birds chirping, bees humming, all animals are at their peak of enjoyment. They all are moving hither-tither to collect food.


While we are renovating our lawns, our wardrobe, and our house, it is also the time to clean our minds. Detoxify it and cleanse it. Spring is the beginning of each year. Although according to a Calendar, we celebrate New Year on January of each calendar year but season wise, spring is the start of the new year since it is a season of growth and new life. With such a deep meaning to spring, why don't we also clean up our inner selves beside cleaning up our surroundings?

What to do with ourselves?

Take a few extra moments to do a chore that will help us create a sense of awareness around us and learn to be grateful for what we have. For instance, when you open your wardrobe to choose what to wear for that day, look at the number of clothing hanging in your cupboard. Being Grateful and Thankful for what we have, makes a person humble and always makes one count their blessings and stay positive under any circumstances.

On your way to work, observe rather than think about your problems. When looking around, you will observe the nature around you, which is in the process of blossoming with different colors. And don't forget to Smile and appreciate it.

Always be true to yourself by expressing yourself whether in distress or happy moment. Laughter can do wonders, and if laughing mindlessly then that is like a cherry over an ice cream because that will make one feel much lighter.

Positivity is the key to success under all circumstances. It will not make the mind go astray. The mind's problem is solved when the mind is illumined by divine faith.

If something planned does not go your way, no worries. Why, fret because another door will open up for you to tread along. Humans always have a plan for themselves, but destiny has something else planned out. Be happy in whatever situation you are in because No situation is constant.

Do not worry about being judged. A tree will stand strong even if it is alone. This tree will continue to give shelter to anyone passing by. Using that example, continue on the journey of life even if not being appreciated by the people you want to. Your duties towards your life are the prime motive of you living and breathing. Rest is all history and marked by destiny.

Mantra for today: Live for the moment and savor each breath!


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