Friday, February 27, 2015

Bearing a Child

The nurse came outside the operating room and announced, "It's a girl!" to the anxious relatives.

Phew! They all breath and rejoice at the same time.

As the relatives go on about their lives, the parents start a new life as they bring in the basic comforts for this little infant. Gradually this infant turns into a toddler and a pretty young lady.

While the parents are calculating their expenses over the years, the U.S Department of Agriculture has already done their homework by giving a rough estimate of an increase of 2% each year than before.
2014 had been given an estimate of $245K while 2015 would be approximately $250K.
Phew! I can't believe how much it costs to raise a baby!
That cute little gnawing smile does not come cheap, huh! (pun intended!)

Now with all the post-tax money going into the development of this imp, we ought to consider laying a few ground rules and not get emotionally blackmailed by sometimes the circumstances or their innocent "please-please-please mommy!"

We ought to stay firm in what we think "could" be right but sure there is no harm in getting our research done prior to keeping those toes firmly attached to the ground. Times have changed, and we ought to go with the flow in bringing up this child.

“You will either profit by or pay for what your children become. raise them properly.” 

― Darnell Lamont Walker

It sure takes a village to raise a child, but the foundation is laid by the parents, and my 2 cents is that since we are spending most of our time, money, getting emotionally tied to these munchkins. We ought to look after them or care for them so that they don't get derailed over their goals in life.

“Raising PERFECT children is not hard...
It's IMPOSSIBLE !!!!!” 
― kjforce

No one is perfect, not even us. We can't expect them to touch the sky, but to make sure they are responsible citizens of this world is our responsibility.

When we have taken up the responsibility to bear this urchin, got to keep aside our enjoyments although there are some marriage counselors who say that bearing a child should not affect your priorities, which I disagree.

It was your responsibility to bring him/her into the world now not only bear the cost, but also be there physically and emotionally to raise them!

Mantra for today: If you have taken a task, be responsible and take it all the way until they fly from your nest!


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