Thursday, November 20, 2014

An impact with nature

A decade ago my friend and myself went for a casual hike.

Told our better halves that we will be back in no time. Just carried a bottle of water, but did not bother to get a map or the phone or wallet since we kept reassuring each other, "it will be a short one!"

Now, we all know that when two women get together time knows no limits or boundaries. We started with small steps, and casual chit-chat, but as our talk intensified our stride picked up, and we walked wherever the path took us.

We were ranting over our personal matters, mouthing our opinions, and echoing over various issues.

When two women agree on many things, the surroundings become hypnogogic, and even though our legs were doing the walking, we did not feel the pain of any muscle being cramped or asking for attention.

Our steps were just marching along with the tune of the words totally unaware of where we were going, and time was another factor that we did not pay attention to.

Just then I started to feel a chill and had to zip my jacket. I was quick to look at the watch, and my eyebrows lit up. "Sush, It is past 5pm. We gotta head home. The sun will set soon."

I guess any blow to the body makes one realize of the environment, and seeing unfriendly ambience, made both of us feel exhausted and thirsty. We took out our bottle from our jacket pocket, and it was frozen.

 We were just hiking amongst nature and with the bottle next to our body, how could that happen?

While trying to suck some water off the ice, we were trying to make sense of the scenario and feared to realize that we had reached a certain altitude.

Looked around us, and could not find anything familiar since we were busy yapping to glory. We tried our best in reviewing some landmarks, but our surroundings wore nothing but white. Ice was covering everything, and made our steps falter.

We also met some hikers and asked them the way down. They pointed us in a particular direction, and we would obediently follow that finger. Unfortunately, we were not equipped with a compass or anything high tech. Thus, we would just be going round and round without any success!

Finally, we sat down with tears falling down our eyes since we realized that we were lost and tired and nowhere to go!

We thought we were going to die in this cold!

We now missed our better halves, and although our walk started with several outbursts against them, we were longing to embrace them no matter what!
What a drastic change when circumstances change, huh!

As we were sitting there in desperation and trying to plan our night out in the cold.
We heard some guys in skis shouting our names loudly. Now the pronunciation was not correct, so it took us a while to understand.
We started to jump and walk towards that voice while shouting back...yes! yes! to get their attention.

These two guys were in their late 20's attractive, and well built and at first we were embarrassed to admit that we lost our way, but then we behaved like damsels in distress and allowed them to show us the way to the bottom.

We were walking slow (after all we were the lassies in pain, and had faced such hardships) while they were skiing with pace, thus making us plead them to slow them, but when they announced that a storm is on its way, and we all could get trapped. That made us gulp in fear, and we picked up our gait.

Finally, we could see two familiar faces, and boy! What a rush we got seeing them even though those two handsome hunks rescued us!

We thanked the helpers and went our way!

My 2 cents!
Nature sure can be imitating if not obeyed or followed or going out without any guide map.
Till today, I don't mind going on nature hikes but make sure I hold a map or have a compass with me cause when lost, nature tends to embrace you as its own, and honestly I still wanna enjoy the comforts of the city.

Mantra for today: Being a caveman is not easy!


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