Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why I write...

Today’s post is part of a blog hop that I was invited to participate in by my friend, Charli at Carrot Ranch Communications. 
The topic is Why I Write. 
Expression has always been considered therapeutic since it has the powers to heal through the use of imagination and the various forms of creative explanation. 

Writing comes under the same category for me!

I write because it is analeptic, and it gives me hope for the future. A future that rightfully belongs you and to me and to our children. 

Staying positive during this era is not only tough, but it kind of tests out your patience and your composure as we pretend to be tenacious and walk on the streets at any hour of the day. Even though the streets would be crowded with a population, our minds are constantly absorbed in thoughts.
These thoughts could be our present, past or the hope to evolve a better prospect either for ourselves or our family.
Thus, putting these thoughts into alphabets, which eventually turn out to be sentences and ultimately a composition that could help draw some inspiration for the reader while helping to unfold the thoughts for a writer as she continues to pen down her speculations about a life that is surrounded by harmony, good will and tranquility.
Thus, I Write with the hope for a better tomorrow!

Today I pass on the baton to three wonderful women, Susan, Kim and  Anne, who are writers and have authored books. 

Below is a glimpse of each of them!


Susan Zutautas is a published poet and short story writer currently working as a freelance writer. She was born in Montreal and now resides in Ontario, Canada with her husband, one of three sons, and two Newfoundlander dogs.

Susan interests include writing, cooking, animal care and traveling. 
She has published her first book called "New In Town", which is available to download at amazon, and is working on a series of three children's poetry story books. 

You can find Susan on, or one of her four blog sites


Kim Kruise Thompson was raised in the military and spent most of my adult life associated with the military life, traveling to many places stateside and overseas. Having raised four beautiful children, they have now graced me with five amazing grandchildren. She enrolled in nursing school rather late in life, but after 18 years of a wonderful career in nursing, She retired this year. There was a time in my life, over 30 years ago, that she loved to write but somehow it was put on the back burner until this past year. 

This past year has been a whirlwind as she began to put her pen to page. The words began to flow from me like a fast moving river, bringing with it many new adventures that she had never dreamed. She published her first children’s book called Sunnie and her Peeps, when the inspiration came as for the first time, she became a full time back yard farmer, raising six chickens. She then found myself publishing a few eBooks also found on Amazon and Smashwords. She has two other books that are her hearts work. One is called When Delilah Smiles and Gods Playbook. You may find both books on Amazon. When Delilah Smiles is a story of an older woman who had a visually and hearing impaired baby. Their journey is one that will bless your heart. You will fall in love with Delilah. Gods Playbook was co written with my brother, Kevin Kruise. This is a story of great faith and how God intertwines in our lives and in those whom we meet. She also enjoys illustrating children's books. She enjoys my new found love as a creative writer and find her days are filled with many inspirations to draw from. Her greatest hope is that her writing inspires and encourages others. She loves to take everyday situations that come into her life and turn into stories.


Anne Goodwin loves fiction for the freedom to contradict herself and has been scribbling stories ever since she could hold a pencil. During her career as an NHS clinical psychologist her focus was on helping other people tell their neglected stories to themselves. She now has approaching sixty short stories published both online and in print and two novels awaiting adoption by loving homes.
Anne often juggles her sentences while walking in the Peak District, only to lose them battling the slugs in her vegetable plot. As a break from finding her own words, she is an avid reader and barely-competent soprano in a mixed-voice choir. The ongoing tension between her real-life and fictional sides is played out on her website, annethology, on her blog, annecdotal, and via tweets at @annecdotist.


Carry it forward Writers!

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