Sunday, August 31, 2014

When Bipasha weds Harman in a Baggout style

" my fruits of hard work will unfold." I take a deep breath as I sip my Chardonnay and look at the wedding card of Harman Baweja unites with Bipasha Basu. 

"Phew! Those past few months felt like I was walking and talking even in my sleep, while getting it all together for their special day. I am glad Baggout could deliver their attires and the accessories on time." I murmur to myself as I confirm a final arrangement and seat myself in the audience while admiring the podium where the couples will exchange their vows in the beautiful chapel in Paris Las Vegas, USA.

Just then the phone rang, I answered it, and again got to my feet and started walking towards the exit. 

In a few minutes, I was in the room of the bride, making sure all her accessories are in order as she was getting dressed. I admired the quality and the design of the jewelry and could not help, but express it out loud. Bipasha and her friends were quick to acknowledge with me. It was a wonderful bargain especially since it went so well with her lehenga.


I give her a quick update on the itinerary for today, to which she nods as she is being adorned by her dresser while the makeup guy dresses up her big expressive eyes, which were already beaming with happiness despite the late night cocktail party.

Finally, after her make up done. She gets up to change into the dress that took days to choose, thanks to the varied vendors in Baggout that had so much variety to offer. But then the convenience makes up for everything especially for people who are short of time. 

After a few minutes, she comes out dressed in her complete attire and all the people in the room paused for a few seconds as we admired the bride with some loud, "aawww's," some sweet pecks while the mom lovingly just hugged her with moist eyes.

I look at the watch, and brief Bips about the ceremony that will start in another ~15 minutes, while I get up to catch a glimpse of the groom.

Knock on his door, but to my surprise the door is half open. I let myself in, to a noisy bunch of men who are still not done celebrating his bachelorhood. They continue to rejoice with clinks of glass that are brimming with champagne, while the groom nods at all cheerfully.

We both exchange glances and I show him the watch while signaling my ten fingers towards him.

Geez! boys always need to get a short break cause they are never particular on time, huh!

He looks at his watch and says out loud, "seriously, we have only 10 minutes until our ceremony? Wow! Time flies."
That comment made everyone quiet for a few seconds, nevertheless, and they started cheering even more just the thought that they have only five minutes until the groom starts walking to the chapel.

I keep standing while maintaining a steady smile and hoping that the hands of the clock tick fast, and I walk the groom to his destination. 

Soon, the clocks ticks 7pm. I clap twice indicating that it's time. 

Harman was quick to obey or maybe just the deep urge to get moving from the rambunctious crowd that was getting difficult to control. He was dressed sleek in the sharp cut of the blazer, and the black was giving the extra perk to his personality, all thanks to the timely click and delivery of


I walk with him while sharing a few casual laughs and am followed by his friends who seem to have mellowed down a bit.

Settle him at the stage, which is surrounded by his immediate family and a priest who has started the rituals of the Hindu marriage.

I walk towards the bride's room, as I recollect all the paperwork done to get the arrangements switched and approved for Paris Las Vegas. I breathe in a sigh of relief especially since all that was requested for, was approved and shopped for, and today both the bride and groom will be finally be getting married.

As soon as I entered the room, Bipasha was on her feet and started walking towards me. I loved the simply radiant bride. The lehenga and the accessories were adorning her so beautifully that she was a grace personified figure. I whispered my compliment into her ear, and she nodded in agreement more so cause she agreed that shopping her bridal outfit from was the best suggestion and deal ever!

Finally, the bride and groom are under one roof.

I finally seat myself in one corner and watch the fun as the relatives and friends takeover the rituals. 
I take a peek outside the chapel into the streets of LasVegas and find nothing different in what was happening inside this room. 

Life is a gamble everywhere!

But, then if man does not take chances, what is the point of living!

Today, as Bipasha and Harman are making an attempt to open a new chapter in their lives, I wish them the very best!


This post has been written for where the theme is: Your favorite celebrity is getting married and Guess What "You have been appointed the Wedding Planner". Your entry needs to discuss on how you would plan the whole wedding for your favorite star assuming that all shopping and bookings are done through Baggout.

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