Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mind your business!

Mind is a restless organ, and it can drift from one place to another in a jiffy. This drifting does not need the purchase of a ticket. The advantage is that we are ticketless, and there is no one to penalize us for it.

However, chances are that our mind will not always think of pleasant things. It will mostly think of unfortunate things that have happened upon thy self. This will give us thoughts of people associated with it and the circumstances conjoined to it.


We stiffen up and forget to breathe normally, which can delay the secretion of hormones to our body. That moment, will not matter, but eventually our body will get taxed by its lack of secretions.

What is the problem?

Problem is that mind if not alerted of its thoughts will always think negative and this thinking will give small jolts to our body, and it will eventually tax us as our body ages.


Mind and Negativity are a century old problem. It cannot be derogated immediately. However, once we start getting aware of our thoughts then, we can help control our mind and its thoughts.

We all are the children of one Creator. There is no one born with wrong intentions. Circumstances make a person do a wrong act. Forgive and Forget is the mantra but again not easy to do. But, staying detached from any person, action, and circumstance will help a person avoid negativity in their minds.

Awareness of the action you perform or think can lead to freedom for all the sufferings that thy man has bestowed upon himself.

Be in the moment when your mind is thinking of things. You will love to analyze your own mind and your own thoughts and eventually be proud of it.

Mantra for today: Mind is yours. Take ownership of it.

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