Friday, February 21, 2014

A Superwoman!

"Mom I need a new bag" shouts my kid from his room. 

As I am in the kitchen preparing dinner, I frown and talk to myself, "Oh God, another TO-DO list." 

"Sure, we will get it this weekend."I reply back but then hesitate and review my schedule, "I have to go to Sports Basement for his cleats, and then his baseball game and then Target is in the opposite direction. Phew! that is a long drive." 

Thus, correct myself with remorse,"P could we buy your bag next weekend?" And before he could continue, I justified myself with our itinerary. He sure was not happy with what he heard cause the reply was a passive one, and honestly I was quite satisfied, and did not care!

You could either tag me as an inadequate parent, but juggling amidst his activities and my schedule, things can get overwhelming at times. 

Sure, the other way is plan better but even how hard I try weekends usually go slow in my household (as I want the day off as a mom in the kitchen and chores) I usually slacken and even though the clock keeps ticking tick tock tick tock the usual way whether it is a Monday or a Saturday...I am running after time if I have too many things planned out. Then to see the sulky face of the kid who was promised to touch the moon (well not realistically!) is disheartening. I feel bad for not having planned out the day. 

I tend to put too much on my plate and then when dusk falls upon our little town my list is only half done. Promise to finish them next day, which unfortunately, already has a full calendar. 

The disappointments are natural. I had to slow down, and my first reaction to everything that needs to be done gets a piggyback ride from me. 

But, I am learning and with being an adult it is hard to discipline oneself cause I ought to be very aware of my thoughts and what all I choose to carry on my plate for over the weekend is important.

Yes, my hidden talent is that I have a strong back and can take upon any errand/assignment/task. 

 I am not a superwoman, but I just cannot say NO. 

“Being unable to say no can make you exhausted, stressed and irritable.” ― Auliq Ice

However, am taking baby steps and getting there (fingers crossed!)

I got to keep myself first to have a happy family cause if I am not happy and content I will be shouting or sneering at them.

Mantra for today: Your welfare comes first for a happy family!


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