Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love in Crisis

Distant sirens wake Sandra up. She is quick to jolt herself up on her bed, and her instantaneous reaction is reaching out to the other side of the mattress. But immediately something inside beckons her, and it takes a couple of seconds for her to register. She nods as if somebody whispered the reality to her.

Earlier these kinds of alarms used to make her alert and help her focus on her goal, i.e., to reach out to the victims that have been wheeled into the ER. But, after a nightmare, things have changed. Her body tends to tremble giving her spasms that make her stand upright in a very peculiar way. The knowledge and sharpness that would seep in when she would see a patient on a stretcher seem to have faded away. She now stares at them, which makes the conscious individuals being wheeled into the ER the palpitations and the apprehension whether they will make it alive or not.

What fizzled the enthusiasm from her job was an ordeal when her friend was wheeled in unconscious. Sandra was done with her duty for the evening and passed by the stretcher, which was holding her consort. She did not pay attention since the face was covered with the red body fluid and her thoughts were giving her company. 

She drove home with that extravagant thinking and started implementing it by putting up a fancy meal for the couple. Amidst the action, she muted her cell phone to avoid any hindrance especially after a long day, which was full of bandaging, stitching and compression of wounds and body parts.

The meal prepared table set. She stepped in for a quick shower.

Minutes were ticking, and even the music was being replayed again. She pulled out her phone to reach out her mate and saw her screen full of texts, missed calls from a known number along with voicemail. Her heart fluttered and she dialed the missed call and had to plop down when listening to the other end. Her eyes were moist, and hands started to tremble when she disconnected the phone while promising to be there as soon as possible.

Her driving was chaotic cause her mind was playing a riot as her body was fighting the tears and agonizing over her companion being in pain.

She reached the hospital and dashed through the hallway into the emergency ward as she was eyeing other individuals for permission to see their beloveds. She breathes a sigh of relief as she could avoid the ordeal.

Sandra was quick to find her mate’s bed and within a few seconds, she found herself parked next to her bandaged face and frail body.

The nurse on duty updated her condition to which she could not resist herself and came out as an outburst. 

The nurses helped Sandra with her shifts as she sat through Roth’s recovery.

Then one morning when the bandages were off, doctors came in to examine. Sandra saw the expressions amidst their professionalism and sneaked out to hear it from their mouth. They described the symptoms of losing sight and becoming hearing impaired as short-lived, thus giving her hope. She was shattered, but she gained composure and helped Roth with the discharge procedure and was happy to bring her home. 

Silence has become their roommate but yet there is this extraordinary closeness between Sandra and Roth as they sip their coffee on a Sunday Morning. Roth is speaking the language of love via her sign dialect while Sandra is seeing through the eyes of compassion and their love is listening with the ears of tolerance.

Mantra for today: Crisis is just a temporary phase of life.


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