Monday, January 20, 2014

Our Heart rules the World

Human anatomy is amazing. Our heart and our brain are the power houses for our success, and sorrow.

The choices we make and the actions performed can either give us happiness, contentment, sorrow or dejection from life.

These choices are dependent on our heart and brain and then what follows after that is destiny.

We are surrounded by electromagnetic waves. The electrical and magnetic pulses impact our human body as well as the environment.

Our heart is documented to have the strongest electrical and magnetic field as compared to the brain.

Thus, giving priority to the blood pumping organ over the mind.

Any change in the electromagnetic (electric or magnetic) field in the heart, will affect the emotions thus bringing about a change in actions in an individual.

Opening our heart to various kind of sentiments will help man become conscious of his surroundings and the actions taken in relevance to it will be pondered upon by an individual. As a result compassion, humanity, kindness will be exhibited. This kind of behavior will help to bring about a positive change on our planet.

Science is now proving that our human body is more than just a pair of legs, arms that help an individual move. It's anatomy has the right features to adapt the wavelength around us and help bring about a change. Consciousness is a necessary element once the heart brings about a change in the electromagnetic field.

Places where war is being waged, the mind is over-ruling the heart and man is losing the kindheartedness and allowing the brain to take charge by making his environment ugly not only by the blood bath but also going against the true nature of the electromagnetic waves, which are supposed to be strong in the heart than the mind.

My 2 cents
Why go against nature, and defy the wavelength around us?

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

Mantra for today: Let the heart speak.

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