Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Curious George

Today's post is dedicated to Kerri Ames.

Aren't we all aware of George the monkey who went about curiously looking for clues when something would go missing?

Curiosity is the natural inquisitive behavior that leads to investigation, exploration and learning, which in turn is the mother of the invention as it represents a thirst for knowledge.

If Newton had not been curious as to why the apple fell on his head; we would not have known about gravity.

The curiosity to know what is beyond our planet, Earth has led to the invention of spaceships and knowledge of life out there.

Curiosity and invention/exploration go hand in hand. Thus, technology is changing with a wink of an eye. Today man has all the comforts because of his curiosity, which has led to many creations around the globe.

However, everything in excess can be bad. Curiosity also falls in that category. The intense desire to bite into an apple by Adam and Eve led to the committing of sins, and that brought about a drastic change in humanity.

Curiosity can lead to irritability when there is an urge to know a certain thing. This could be a positive factor when it has led to an invention that has benefited mankind. However, on a personal level, if not curbed, it could lead to anger and impatience and could burn bridges in a certain relationship.

The intense desire to know something has led to evolution of mankind, however; curtailing the interest is advised under all circumstances since it can help an individual think rationally and help be in the moment.

Mantra for today: Keep questioning your curiosity but hold on to your emotions thereafter.

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