Monday, November 11, 2013

Platinum day of love

Research has indicated that, "Adversity can either bring couples closer together or break them apart."

I am glad we faced such a situation where our relationship was tested, and we passed with flying colors.

The changes that came in my life is a blessing in disguise, and it makes us celebrate our love each day as understanding and respect are at all time peak.

It started 10 years back when I did my usual workout and retired for the day. The next morning was not the usual one; I had to make an effort to get up from my bed as all my joints were very stiff. I could not understand what happened.

Thoughts were coming and going in my mind, "Did I exercise too much?" "Did I sprain something unusual?"

I called in sick from work. Relaxed at home but could not figure out the cause of my pains. It made me restless the whole day, even though I was stationed at one place, my mind was disturbed as I was researching all sorts of things on the internet. Found many diseases which had such symptoms and that made me force to breathe.

Sun sets and as the world is coming home to retire. I was not ready to give in. I had expected all that pain and swelling to subside, but there comes the fever. I realize I was getting the shivers. My world was turning upside down. For a person who had never been sick her whole student life, this kind of pain was an irritation to me, and I wanted it to go away! 

Alas! what we wish does not happen.

My better half arrives from work with a take out, and we discuss our prognosis.

After popping in some more pain killers, we retired for that evening with the hope of a better tomorrow.

Alarm clock rings, I start moving my limbs in my bed just to make sure that the nightmare was over. Nah! I was wrong.

Days turned into weeks and months.

After several pokes in my vein and confused looks from doctor to doctor. I was diagnosed with Arthritis.

Well that was not the end of the road. Some of relatives and friends instead of showing sympathy over the ailment were curious, "OMG, how can arthritis strike a young person like you?"

Initially, when I did not embrace this ailment myself. I would burst into tears and ask for sympathy as if their empathy would make this disease go away.

I was wrong.

My better half stepped in and was my crutch during these awkward times. His constant beckoning to be strong and that age are just a number made my neurons finally absorb it.

I stopped whining and started living a LIFE.

A LIFE, which is today filled with laughter and tears along with some occasional swelling of joints as we trudge along the path surrounded by humans who can sometimes make life  sweet hell or a sanctuary.

That moment was my platinum day of love where I realized my shortcomings, my true love, and my adoration.

Mantra for today: Relationships are fragile. Even a slight brunt can burn it; if the couple do not take the time to repair it.

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