Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Living life with a purpose!

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“When you start to live outside yourself, it’s all dangerous.”   (The Garden of Eden)
Our Society is living this classic lifestyle and its affects can be seen world wide.

People want a busy life and always be on the run. In fact, those who do not exhibit that style of living are considered a bore. Man thinks that he ought to be adventurous and always on the run to have that adrenaline gush within him.
Humans are not thinking rationally when performing their acts. They are doing it cause the time demands it and thus the impact is horrendous.
Our society is turning ugly by each minute. The grisly acts on thy fellow men bruise the physical self. The hideous remarks burn someone emotionally. The grotesque comments cause mental blemishes.
Society is turning black and blue physically, mentally and emotionally cause of man's irrational behavior for adventure and always be on the run.

My 2 cents
Pause life every few minutes of the day and be aware of what your thoughts are making you do. Reflections can help man ponder over his actions and help him live a life within himself with no need of any adventure cause life itself is risky and gives us the unexpected at every junction. Why live a dangerous life since this very existence is a gamble.

Mantra for today: Live a life with a purpose and that will enable you to live within your means.

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