Monday, October 21, 2013

Guidelines for everything!

Lately, I am observing titles that have "Art" or "Skills"for everything that man does.

He needs to be affluent in the Art of speaking, living, loving, eating, breathing.

You name it, and experts say there ought to be an art for it.


Sure, with the running around, man ought to forget the fundaments of living, breathing, speaking etc.

He is in a blitz to reach the top in his life since, success is considered the king. Ask a boy who aspires to become a teen and a teen who dreams to grow up and become independent so that he could enjoy all the bounties that life offers.

Money is the king and man is aware of this. He is on the run with that pretext, and he wants to earn it fast so that life can be enjoyed. Now, with the rush of touching one milestone to another, there are chances that man forgets his basics of living that include breathing, loving, eating, cooking etc.

Thus, experts come up with rules of the above. They have guidelines for each of this skill.

My 2 cents
Man does not need those guidelines. He just ought to pause, look inside him and reflect upon his actions.

Awareness is the key to nirvana, and you could free yourself from all the published guidelines out there.

Mantra for today: Be truthful to yourself and realize your potential for living a full life.

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