Monday, September 9, 2013

How to deal with rejections in life

Failures are a part of man's life and just as one changes clothes each day this soul ought to embrace failure and walk along.

Unfortunately, man cannot accept his lack of success and gets dejected and falls down. Continuous defeats lead to depression and that results in a lack of interest to get up and get moving.

Being of no use, leads to suicidal thoughts.

How can man embrace dejection and carry on the burdens of life?

Use Aggression.

We get offended when some body brushes our ego, but we come in full force to attack him physically or by our words. The same way we ought to play offensive when life throws stones at us.

Dodge the stones thrown at you, and keep walking along the path. Gradually these stones will turn into pebbles and then a mere sand storm.

We have no right to take our or anybody's life. Living in it can be a challenge but, man is intelligent to dodge all that is thrown at him.

Mantra for today: Mindset plays an important role in shaping our life. Be aware of what you think!

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