Friday, September 6, 2013

A Recap and the season of Renewal

Join in the fun at WriteTribe Festival of Words – a seven day blogging challenge – 1st September to 7th September 2013.

The theme is to write about seven wonderful things that help shape our lives. 


We reach the end of our journey and while writing the different seasons that we all endeavor, I was equally enlightened as I researched and wrote the different junctures that we all labor through and strive to come out of it unharmed.

Thank you for all the memories we made together as we encouraged each other's writings and took home a lesson from each one of them.

A Recap of the last six days:

Seven Reasons for Man to Rebuild

After spending 364 days of our lives while keenly watching each date pass by...we enter a new year. That new year's eve we look back at historic events that either made us cry or laugh while we vow to make amends for the coming year so that it can be a better one!

That is the Time for Renewal.

A time to refurbish our Goals, Ideas, Plans, Relationships, Ambitions, Aspirations, and Desires.

With the hope to achieve new dimensions in our life. This could range from financial freedom to enlightenment.

Man came alone and will walk solo to the finishing line.

This reminds me of a beautiful song, "Ekla Chalo Re"

As I part from this seven day writing period, I wish all of mankind the success they deserve.

See you at the Finishing Line. Namaste!

Mantra for today: Wisdom connects Souls
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