Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Key to Contentment

We must be the change we wish to see.
Mahatma Gandhi

Choices tend to bring in joy and sorrow. That leaves man always hanging between these two emotions. Having an open mind towards what life throws at you, is the ideal way to live.

Expectations always tends to take our energy since we are constantly weighing out our options of what to choose and thus, when get sorrow; we get dejected and fall.

However, if the emotion joy comes to you, then man is pumped up with life and wants to conquer everything around him. Unfortunately, that does not work. Sorrow and joy are the two sides of a coin thus if we are choiceless about what comes our way, then we can use that energy in something positive towards ourselves or towards the progress of mankind.

Being Choiceless is not easy, but we should be assured that joy and sorrow are like the two sides of a coin thus; sorrow is inevitable just like joy is. Then why fret over something that is inevitable?

Human go enjoy your life and accept what comes your way. Use your energy on what you obtain, and give it your 100%. If the situation is a gloomy one, fret not, cause the journey to joy is not far away.

Mantra for today: Having no expectations is the key to supreme happiness.
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