Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Retirement Investment

Man spends his whole life earning wages so that he can have the basic elements around him. He tries to save the extra bucks for a rainy day or his retirement.

Money and our body, they both are essential for this life.

Since our body starts to age the moment, we are born. We ought to think, plan and execute our hard earned cash accordingly.

We spend approximately 50 years of our time working and running in a rat race trying to catch our own tail.

We forget how much we invested in our self.

Although most of us will have a decent bank balance to thrive upon those remaining years without work but, the years when we were exposed to the toxicity of competition, jealousy, office politics could turn our mental balance negligible. Thus, man would become deranged when close to retirement.

Thus, besides working hard during those years of your life, when your body is enjoying the bounties. An individual ought to invest in himself.

The time he will take to infuse the values of life and ingest it, it will help his retirement a smooth sail with whatever savings he has made.

Retirement investment is worth each dime since peace will be in plenty around him, but if his mind is still astray, he will still be wandering around even though he is physically stationed.

Mantra for today: Invest in yourself. That is one asset that will pay you back with dividends.
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