Monday, July 29, 2013

Anxiety Rehab

Getting a life is easy but to live it, has its own challenges.

Even though man is surrounded by family and friends, he ought to tread upon the path of sorrows and joys by himself. Thus, to be anxious or to doubt oneself during that journey is reasonable.

How can man troop along with confidence and not doubt oneself during his journey?

No Expectations are the key!

When we tend to set a goal in our life, that is the trigger of disappointments especially when we face failures.

Unfortunately, we all sit on a weighing scale where most of us outweigh sorrows than the joys. Dejection tends to afflict man and disappoint him to walk further since the anxiety sets.

Can't blame him since he lives in a competitive world thus, missing out on deadlines can be crucial for his growth.

Unfortunately, in this rat race, we all look at money and status as a growth and hardly pay attention to our conscious growth. Thus, even if a man has reached a peak in his life, he would be inflicted with woes and agony since his personal growth was neglected.

When we leave this planet, it is the state of mind that our soul could collect upon, matters!

Thus, when in self doubt next time. Look at the big picture of where you stand on an emotional level and then analyze if it is worth taking upon the anxiety.

Mantra for today: Have a vision beyond your sorrows and joys, and you will understand the importance of being anxious.
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