Monday, July 8, 2013

Going on a vacation?

Need a break from your routine?

Wanna go for a mini-vacation?

Sure, plan a destination and book your nights. But, gotta read the fine print before you click on "Purchase"

These days hotels charge fees for every darn thing excluding oxygen.

You wanna check in early---fees
You wanna park your car---fees
You want Wi-Fi---fees
You grab something from the refrigerator in your room---fees + fees to go and get that thing in particular and put it back in the fridge.
You want an extra pillow/sheet/towel/roll-away-bed---fees
You get delayed in your check out----fees
You need a refrigerator/microwave in your room--fees

Gotta stash your pocket with loads of $$$ to go and get rejuvenated for a few nights.

My 2 cents
Oh! Man please don't become a money making machine. Let the sentiments flow and help thy man to enjoy your creation without feeling suffocated.

Mantra for today:  Money cannot buy happiness. Being content with what we have, is the key to bliss.

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