Friday, July 26, 2013

Outdoor Activities and Wi-Fi

Child obesity is on the rise and has doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past few years!

They need to go out and exercise. Thus, parks were built in the first place.

Unfortunately, parents do not have the time to take their kids; thus there has been a rise in video games, TV or any entertainment that is indoors.

Man is smart and lures technology where needed.

Lately some parks have been introduced with Wi-Fi. Thus, encouraging parents to continue with their to-do list while bringing their kids into the green land where they can play, and exercise.

The cost of setting up Wi-Fi is in six figures. Is that essential?

Can man not thrive without it for a few hours?

My concern is that man is getting so dependent on the internet that he wants it everywhere while using it as an excuse in opening up the doors of education, and innovation.

I do not think so!

The high frequency radio signals are being absorbed by the human body, and the impact is toxic. Thus, the shout out!

Mantra for today: The body is our temple, and we need to keep it healthy for miles to go!

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