Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wonderful Wedneday

Join in the fun at pictimiltude. Today's theme is Places

Location: Big Sur, CA

Courtesy Alka Singhal

Big Sur is about 120 miles south of San Francisco and approximately 245 miles north west of Los Angeles.

Three tribes of Native Americans namely: Ohlone, Esselen, and Salinan used to live in this area for thousands of years leading a nomadic, hunter gatherer existence.

Courtesy Seema Asthana
There is always something tantalizing about the ocean and wide landscapes where construction is at its minimum.

Gives peace of mind and the flora and fauna emit so much energy that a human body when absorbs it; gets refreshed and rejuvenated. 
Aah! the wonders of creation!

Mantra for today: Construction and Creation start with a C but, impact the human body differently.


Janine Huldie said...

Oh always wanted to visit Big Sur and maybe someday. Thank you for sharing this here today and voted for you again!! :)

Unknown said...

Ok ok Ruchira - it's on the bucket list now for sure!

Unknown said...

Beautiful as always. I always leave your blog feeling a little bit lighter, so thank you!

Sunday Reflections or Stumbling Towards Happiness by Bill Holland said...

I'm guessing you live in California. Love Big Sur; beautiful country for sure.

Have a great day, Ruchira!

Cynthia said...

wow! Those photos are beautiful!! Great pics, Ruchira! xo

Ruchira Khanna said...

Thank you all.

Bill--yes, I do :)

Melissa--I am glad I can be of help...namaste!

another jennifer said...

Gorgeous pictures. Big Sur is on my list of places I'd like to go.

mail4rosey said...

These are very nice and your words are too.

Ruchira Khanna said...

Thanks Jennifer and mail4rosey