Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who will ring the bell?

Planet Earth has entered the 21st century. People are always on the run trying to meet their targets, which are beyond their capacity, and that has inflicted stress and mental and physical diseases within them.

Progress of technology knows no bounds. Within a wink of an eye, gadgets are in the market. People with abundant cash flow is the consumers. They are enjoying that lavish lifestyle, and working fervently to gather more resources.

Since money is the king these days, crime is in the open. The weaker sex, a woman is getting targeted and is facing the brunt amidst this chaos.

This woman who gave birth to a man, nurtured him, and made him take baby steps to walk firmly on the path to success, is being tortured, abused and agonized in all possible ways.

Lately, girls are being forced into a wedlock even before they turn 18. This girl is the face of our future. If she is not nurtured and educated to distinguish between right and wrong, not given a voice to give her opinion then the chances of her offsprings to have an opinion is rare. That can endanger our future generation in all aspects.

How can we help ring the bell towards awareness and help our gender?

Report any cases that erupt to a higher authority. These days, any crime committed against a girl/woman is not taken lightly, more so since the number of cases have increased in number. Once such a case is reported, the man will face a trial, which could eventually put him behind bars.

Let's ring the bell for awareness, protection, security, safety and freedom for all the women on this planet. Let's try to banish male chauvinists who tend to make this world an ugly place.

This bell when rung, will be loud and  heard by many. We just have to gather the strength to pick our finger and ring it. Join in the march towards a revolution and help save our future generation.

Mantra for today (Brigham Young): You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.

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