Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is there LIFE without LOVE?

Life is precious. We all utter this sentence when low in spirits.

However, there are a few who get carried away with emotions and let their mind get hijacked by hormones.

Result: They end their life on a miserable note.

Recently a Bollywood actress who had fame and glory; gave up her life when her heart did not meet expectations with her lover.

I agree that since humans are social animals. We need love, affection in our lives, but to end one's life over this issue is not commendable.

The moment we are born; our body starts walking to the grave by continuous cell divisions. Since our anatomy is already going in that direction, there are chances that the hormones can take over our mind and intelligence, and make a human do such an act.

However, to be in the moment and learning to survive and proclaim our sorrows is the key to survival and learn to live our life even without love!

Mantra for today: Let not LOVE become more important than LIFE. 
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