Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to be a leader without followers?

We are in an era where being a leader is no more being responsible.

If something goes wrong, we cannot approach the leader. Leaders are hardly available during that time; thus man ought to fight his own battle and come to a decision.

When we think of the logistics, man made a leader but, when needed; this leader is not accessible.

My 2 cents
Why do we need followers for a leader when a leader is not reachable?

Be your own leader. Fight your own battles. Make your own decisions.

Man is an intelligent being and has the brain to come to a conclusion. Even if the decisions are wrong, he will fall and learn from them.

Do not depend on anyone. Stand strong and learn to face any storm that come your way!

Mantra for today: Design your own destiny by making your own decisions.

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Janine Huldie said...

My mother always said be a leader not a follower when I was growing up and learned that lesson quite well due to her. So couldn't agree with you more on this today Ruchira!! Also voted for you as always, too!! :)