Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What kind of blood do you have?

We all tend to agree with the below saying:

Treasure Family IF living far. Festivals such as Christmas, Thanksgiving are good occasions to mingle with them. Make some memories and then part.

Families tend to mingle, but with caution since; they dread that things could get ugly and egos could clash, which could put a strain in their relationship.

My concern

If families are made of thick blood, then why do we use caution when meeting up with them?

Maybe this thick blood has high expectations from individuals within the family.

Maybe that thick blood refrains us to argue and confront each other.

Family members ought to be flexible with each other and not let ego's come in their way when there is an argument.

Bringing in adaptability will be fun and can get buoyancy in any relationship. This will help any individual prick the bubble especially if there is thick blood involved in it.

The value of family erupts when we all are craving for peace in this nation. Peace can only erupt when we value the importance of thick blood.

Mantra for today: Families together during a crisis can help build a nation with peace.

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