Thursday, May 30, 2013

A couple of grey strands and Angelina Jolie

As we age; our body tends to bring out our imperfections such as grey hair, double chin, wrinkles.

Many take it with a pinch a salt and carry on with their normal chores thinking that change is beautiful.

While some like to freeze their past by trying to bring some changes to their imperfections by either dying their hair, or getting a botox.

Lately, Angelina Jolie was in the spot light for showcasing her grey hair.
She was bold enough to declare her double mastectomy, a couple of grey strands would not make her run to a salon; to get them dyed.

She is a woman of character and her recent announcements has made many women admire her for her public standing. To be able to stand out in public with a couple of grey hair has made her even more phenomenal.

Aging is never perfect, and if a public icon accepts it with grace. It can speak volumes about that person, and tell the public that change is good, embrace it.

Question: Would you embrace your imperfections and continue with your life?

Mantra for today: Beauty is skin deep.  Accept the changes, and embrace them with confidence.
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