Thursday, February 28, 2013

Would you Yahoo on this?

The CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Meyer has lately banned the option of working from home (WFH) for her employees.

She wants her employees to be at work and give up the option of telecommuting.

Tech industry has the flexibility of working from home, this was a shock to many workers especially moms who have to look into day cares etc. However, Marissa has made a nursery for her kid in Yahoo premises so that she could be at work and do the needful.

My 2 cents!

Turn that nursery into a day care and let other moms of your company put in their babies. That will ease the transition for the mother-baby and also allow your employees to give in a 100% with the day care, in their vicinity.

Being a leader does not just allow you to make rules. You ought to make sure your people are comfortable with it.

Mantra for today: Be a leader that people can look up to.

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