Monday, February 18, 2013

How to be Cool

Am I Cool?

Oh yes, no doubt about it.
I wear trendy shoes, hip clothes, talk the current slang, and where ever I go, I make heads turn.
Cool, huh!

So, what does Cool actually mean?

Does cool mean being in the trend, being in the era, acting like the younger generation?

Is it the above or is there something deeper to it?

A person's attitude makes one stylish. How a person reacts in happiness and sorrow gets him a score of how cool he is. His caring for others, his connectivity with others, his self belief and confidence in any situation mark the person's personality.

Clothes, shoes are all temporary things. Fashion comes and goes, for how long can a man sustain to all the changes happening in the fashion industry. His pocket will not allow him to be an ardent follower, because with a wink of an eye, technology and fashion changes. One who consumes all the latest gadgets and fashionable clothes is not considered trendy. But, a person whose personality ignites a room full of fashionable people is considered trendy. This person will light up a dark room, and he will be the coolest person around even if he is wearing such outdated clothes according to the fashion police.

Ponder upon the below...

Now, next time when you have a party to go to and your wardrobe is outdated. Think again, how can I steal the thunder of the party? No,  worries.

You can upgrade yourself by wearing a bright smile, a caring attitude, and be an honest person with self awareness. This can make you look more appealing than people with the latest clothesline. As the saying goes, that the beauty lies deep, and it's not just superficial. We should have that kind of perspective towards life. Always on the go with confidence, perkiness, self-awareness, honest and good by the heart.

Mantra for today: A Materialistic life knows no boundaries, and usually leads to Frustration.
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