Friday, February 15, 2013


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 “I feel so frustrated when Life offers me Stones instead of Lemons that I dreamt of"


We are such talented souls and have carved out distinct plans for our selves and our future. However, Destiny has something else in store for us, and when we don't see what we want, we tend to get Frustrated.

I have had many frustrated moments in my life especially when I am climbing the ladder of my dream, there comes a large stone in my path, which makes me stop, halt and even take a different route. There goes my ambitions and my planning for a particular goal that I dreamt of.

Oh! how frustrating that is!

I have heard my self cry out loud, "Why ME?"

But, then the route that I was forced to take; has shown me a path that is fresh and has given me joy in a remarkably different way. 

It has helped spark my inner self and gave me a beautiful meaning to my existence.


Oh Frustration,

You have your own darn way to stop me;

From my Goals in life.

You took me on a path that is least trod upon;

I felt so lonely and desolate.

But, either Time was a healer or you turned around for me;

And made that approach green, and showered it with joy around.

Oh Frustration, you can be so darn cruel at times, but I know that you have your own sweet way to make me reach the Goal I should be actually having in this life.


Mantra for today: Frustration has a Motive; Reflect upon it.

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