Monday, January 21, 2013

President Sworn in

Time sure flies fast.

I still remember the first time when president Obama was sworn in, and how that the error was made during the swearing in ceremony.

Four years flew past by, and President Obama wins his second term in office. He was sworn in a private session yesterday with around 100 people including his family, friends to avoid repeating history.

Today when he was publicly inaugurated, he gave an audacious speech talking about our present crises which involves gun violence, global warming and its' impact and fiscal deficit that will effect all working classes of United States.

History was made, when he was first inaugurated as our President in 2008. The world watched him in Awe while wishing him the best since the economy was in shambles.

Today, when he is inaugurated for his second term, the world watches him again and hopes that some new reforms come into shape for the progress of this country.

Mantra for today: Hope keeps us all alive.

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