Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gene testing for prevention

We all have heard of a well known proverb, "Prevention is better than cure"

With the pharmaceutical companies trying to expand their business by bringing in customers rather than finding out a cure; the well versed individual should look into prevention techniques that will help them from becoming one of the many customers of these drug companies.

Gene testing is becoming a new savvy!

Trying to get tested before a disease strikes and implementing prevention techniques could HELP keep the disease at distance.

Gene testing is straightforward.

It can be done with just a few drops of blood, however; the cost at present is excruciating. There is a large possibility that this test will become cheaper as the years roll by.

My 2 cents is that there is no harm in getting it done since prevention techniques can to a point help us avoid the pain and anguish and the huge medical bills.

My question to my readers: Would you like to get gene tested in the near future OR just put it on Destiny!

Mantra for today:Prevention could be the key to Gene Testing.
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