Thursday, December 20, 2012

Weapons and Kids

With the recent shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut, there have been concerns on how to raise awareness of this gruesome issue with the children.

Fear is usually inculcated in these innocent souls and parents and society is the number one reason to inflict it within them.

Recently a Utah kid took the gun to school saying that if such an intruder comes in, he could protect himself and his classmates.

First of all, How did the boy get access to a gun? What was going on in the mind of an 11 year old boy that he carried a gun to school?

However, it is pretty clear that when his parents told him about the incident, he was beyond terrified that he wanted to protect himself in school. Unfortunately, with the same weapon that took so many lives.

These children are blameless. They are exposed to the crime, and how they perceive it, can be clueless.

Parents should keep a close eye on their offspring's and check on their behavior after they are told the harsh realities of life. Some kids could take a positive stand but, there are some who could be negative about it.

Mantra for today: Innocence is valuable therefore, when destroyed should be kept an eye upon.


Amrita said...

Thanks for visiting me Ruchira :) Feels good :) Will read some of yours soon :)

Cynthia said...

Today's mantra is true - we need to be there for all our nation's children as we learn how to deal with this "new normal."

Reflections said...

Negligence is the key here....parents may think they are doing their duty by feeding, clothing and providing for their child's physical needs. But that's not enough. We have to feed their soul....fill it with Love and warmth. Sometimes these neglected children reach out and find comfort in friendship...which saves them.

Loneliness kills.

Reflections said...

I'm sorry I just realized I haven't exactly replied to the content of ur post....I just took off to what I was thinking all along. You are right, parents shd be aware of their child's activities & check them whenever needed; we have a responsibility.

Jillian Carreira said...

This week one of my best friend's son brought a carving knife into my home. It was sharp and I consider very dangerous.
What upset me was that it was left where my little girl could get it and the boys did not see the danger of playing with such a tool.
So it is the parent's responsibility to be aware of what the kids are doing.
I am following you now and would love for you to follow along.

Sunday Reflections or Stumbling Towards Happiness by Bill Holland said...

Wise words, Ruchira. I wish we lived in a world where kids would have no access to guns, but that just is not our reality.

Janine Huldie said...

Ruchira, I didn't hear about this, but so interesting indeed how this little boy thought to handle a perceived danger. Your mantra for the day couldn't be more true about trying to preserve true innocence and just so sad that this is what it has come to. Something really needs to be done and fast.

Harleena Singh said...

I totally agree, Ruchira. The responsibility lies with the parents and there are no excuses. Innocent children learn what they see and behave what they experience. We need to be careful about what we feed them with and what they take with them.