Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World Date

According to the Mayan Calender,  today is the day when the world will end by  mass destruction. However, NASA has researched into it and does not see an  asteroid moving towards our planet, thus debunking that myth.

I don't know how the day will end, but there was speculation over the millennium, as well. People thought that the world will end on January 1st 2000, but we ALL survived.

But, media can make people go frenzy over this issue, and there are people around the globe trying to seclude themselves so that they can survive this catastrophe.


So, what does this date have in store for us?
This date could be the end to mankind or it could also be the beginning of a journey for mankind.

We could either live in fear or we could treat it to be the end to a war, crime, hatred all over the planet.

Humanity has experienced a lot of war, natural calamities, misery, crime, tears and ugliest of incidents. This date could be the end of all the above and the start of a new journey.

This journey could be made up of  love, understanding, humanity and every conscious effort by every man to improve himself.

Conscious effort when made, will take us places, and we will see a positive change in our surroundings, which will be, transmitted all over the community, city, town, country and the world. This bug when spreads will be viral. Fortunately this is a good virus, and this could be the beginning of a new era!

Mantra for today: Spread the virus of positivity.
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