Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Consumer Products

We are the consumers and have the power to purchase or the authority to decline any product that hits the market. We are influential people.

These days when a new product comes out, consumers rate it, and this rating helps other novice citizens to follow the path of either purchasing the product or declining it.

Such is the power of the internet and social media, which has been developed by the common man. Yippie for that!

But, we are still the puppets of the manufacturers.


Do you realize that the products bought in the 1990's seem to last longer than the products purchased recently?

The life expectancy of gadgets is decreasing year by year, and manufacturers are increasing the price each year. Sure, we could blame it on inflation.

But, I am concerned about the new products. Why do they have a small home life? Why can't the parts last long? 

Research indicates that, with every consumer purchase, the economy gets a boost.

My 2 cents!

Sure, the power of purchase has a significant impact on our country's progress, but why do we have to shorten the life of a product for that?

 If the product has longevity; it will speak volumes of the manufacturer and consumers will be attracted to that company.

Mantra for today: Honesty can take you miles in all aspects.

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