Monday, December 10, 2012

The Ethics of Tipping

Tipping usually occurs when the server has kept a close eye on your needs.

But, does that usually happen?

There have been times that I have not got up from a restaurant table satisfied with my order. There were times, I would be extending my arm waving at my waitress in order to get her attention; for a refill of my glass of water, or some ketchup, or to complain about my food, or I have been patiently sitting on my chair waiting for her to approach, which would be mostly towards the end of my food.

She would be then approaching me with a superficial sorry and attend to my request but take her sweet time.

That usually would be a significant compromise and I would mutter to myself...I am better off eating at home atleast I could get up and get that darn ketchup or reheat my food or get my glass of water.

But, then the thought of cleaning up after cooking would make me thank the cook and the server cause I escaped that chore.

So, it is the time of "bring the check, please" She will have her sweet smile back and be extremely prompt with that.

"Tipping is good karma" I have been reminded this umpteen times and seeing the check makes me think of how much should I actually tip her? 15% is the required amount, but, after such a fantastic service, do I pay her or should I just pay for the food that the chef prepared and be off?

Gosh...when Karma is playing your mind, it like you talk to yourself, "okay okay, I will pay the required tip and be off"

But, in the end...should we follow our conscious and tip them anyway, or follow some guidelines for tipping when service is inadequate? 

Mantra for today: Listen to your inner voice
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